Charity funding for journalism students

The future of journalism depends, of course, on the quality and diversity of its new entrants. For over 40 years Cardiff Journalism School has produced young journos of the highest calibre, and is still at the top of its game as it prepares to move to new premises in Cardiff city centre. As the industry adapts to the digital world, CJS has adapted too, equipping its students with the skills they will need for the new, and ever… Read more ›

The future of journalism

Hundreds of journalists and some would-be ones had been invited there to celebrate 40 years of journalism teaching at City, University of London. The postgraduate diploma in journalism was launched in 1977, a rival to then only other similar course in the UK – at Cardiff. We were among the first to graduate with our diplomas after a year of exciting training which included talks by Michael Palin and the then legendary editor… Read more ›

Where was all this fancy education going to get us?

Getting on the course gave rise to feelings of joy, but also uncertainty. I'd worked hard to get on it; writing and designing a student newspaper, working at The Retail Newsagent, writing tons of applications letters, being told I was too easy-going for journalism. The joy was palpable, the uncertainty was financial. In those days (the final years of the Seventies) HIgher Education was massively over-funded. Grants for an… Read more ›

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